Wednesday, 4 October 2017

I've got issues with my sleep

bag - VIP

top - VIP

Just a quick post to share two of my new faves from VIP.

Who doesn't want a cute, compact backpack with those colours or a simple silk vest which oozes effortless chic?

I actually picked these pieces in anticipation of my trip to the Big Apple... and now that it's just 4 days away I can BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITMENT.


You can follow my adventures on instgram @wardrobefullofclothes.

Have you ever been to NYC? 


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

No place I'd rather be

All photos by the wonderful @thetoleikis

Life is strange. 

One second everything is bathed in happiness, glistening moments and stifled laughter - the next it's heavy, monotonous and so overwhelming you feel like it could swallow you whole.

The real question is how you find the balance.

Whilst everyone longs for prolonged periods of euphoria, would they be quite so spectacular if they weren't interspersed with moments of dread? If I didn't have to my spend my weekdays feeling awful, would my weekends be quite so wonderful?

What I'm trying to say is, whilst I do spend horribly large portions of time wading through sorrow, they're made bearable by the other times.

Ultimately, there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Change it up

floral top - Chicme
skirt - Missguided
boots - Sammydress
bag - Zara

jumpsuit - Chicme
shoes - eBay
necklace - H&M

dress - Chicme
boots and bag - as before

A little haul of change for me, on this occasion, from the wonderful Chicme.

A lovely plum tone, this elegant wrap top satisfies all of my winter floral cravings. One of those handy pieces that you can wear with both jeans or a leather skirt, enabling me to masquerade as looking put together. That's what I aim for all of my outfits to achieve.

Ok, say this may be one of my favourite pieces of all time. As red has notably become this season's colour, I could not resist indulging, and on a jumpsuit - why the hell not? I can safely say I've never had a trouser suit my leg length as well as this jumpsuit, nor be more comfortable to wear. An all round winner.

This lacy little number claims a close second place. Whilst being delicate and pretty, it still has that perfect gothic edge - ideal for the month ahead. Also that subtle sparkle from those black sequins is the icing on the cake. 

Which piece would you wear?


Friday, 8 September 2017

Fresh to death

lemon top - Shein
blazer - Peacocks
jeans - Zara
shoes - Lightinthebox

dress - Shein
boots - Primark
bag - Zara

coat - H&M
top - Shein
bag - Kadell
boots - Primark

Just a little selection of things I was very kindly sent by Shein, aka, Aladdin's cave.
I do think it's important to say that the quality of all of these pieces is lovely, as in notably so. 
I'm usually a little sceptical where online brands are concerned, but the items were packaged well and have exceeded my expectations.

Whilst I've actually been living in that trumpet sleeve top, I would have been living in this lemon top if work would allow me to wear fruit patterned clothing. The cutest cami I've ever seen, it adds such a nice pop of colour behind a blazer or through an open work jumper. Also makes me feel like I'm in Spain which can't be a bad thing.

Unable to get over quite how lovely the embroidery is on this cold shoulder dress. Whilst I'm not all about the floral trend, when paired with that choker style, it's kept just the right amount of edgy. And I'm so about the edge.

This top has now become one of those staple pieces that are so easy to wear, going easily with just about any bottom half. I'm also really enjoying the statement sleeve thing going on at the moment so this top fit the bill rather nicely.

Which is your favourite look?


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Parisian dressing

top - Fashion Union
skirt - Lightinthebox
shoes - vintage
bag - Zara

blazer - vintage
top - Sammydress
trousers - Primark
boots - Gamiss

jacket - Zara
shirt - Vintage
top and trousers - Primark
boots - Gamiss

top - Asos via Depop
jeans - Zara
shoes - Primark

There's something about the way the French dress. Effortless yet chic, their style is easy like a Sunday morning yet impossibly sophisticated. A chanel necklace draped over a blue linen button up.

When I make the annual trip across the pond, I like to attempt to emulate said style, tucking into my croissants and coffee looking mildly authentic. 

Whilst I can never quite master it, the outfit photos above give you a snippet of my Parisian wardrobe - which one would you wear?


Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Another year, another holiday i.e. another two weeks spent eating baguettes, cheese, and drinking cheap champagne.

This year, I also had the pleasure of my wonderful best friend enjoying it all alongside me. Oh Paris, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Anyway, scroll down for more photos of coffee, cakes and me prancing about in front of the Eiffel Tower...

look it's a lookbook look